Persbericht: dutch startup is hiring a senior intern inspired by the movie 'The Intern'

Inspired by the senior intern Ben (Robert de Niro) from the feelgood-movie The Intern, the two Amsterdam-based founders of TIM; Dorit Roest (26) and Myrthe Stapper (26) are now looking for their own grey haired intern. The perfect answer to the unnecessary unused skills of many seniors, but also a great way to achieve more diversity in TIM’s team.

In the feelgood-movie The Intern the 70 year old widower Ben finds out that the life of a retired man is not for him. Seizing an opportunity to get back in the game, he becomes a senior intern at an online fashion site, founded by 40 year old younger Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). A great example of how generation gaps can be bridged and how different parties are able to reinforce each other. 

The two young founders believe that the knowledge and qualities of retired and unemployed seniors could be of great value in the dynamic world of startups. On the other hand, they see many seniors feeling restricted because they’ve given up on staying up to date about online developments a long time ago. An internship at TIM might be the perfect reciprocity for both matters.

However, Roest and Stapper aren’t easily satisfied with any senior. In the vacancy at their website they for one hand state that they don’t believe in age restriction or college requirement. But on the other hand the criteria are strictly though: at least one grey hair ánd a huge intrinsic motivation to learn ánd teach at TIM. Applying is possible in three ways: on social media with the hashtag #TIMPickme, via e-mail or, and this is also really ok, with the traditional post.

The young team of TIM is already looking forward to their Ben. “What’s in an age? At TIM we believe that diversity is essential for the capability to keep on growing and innovating as a young startup.”

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