Persbericht: The Influencers Movement on the verge of changing influencers marketing

Dorit Roest and Myrthe Stapper, founders of Bloggers Network, are on the verge of bringing a positive change towards the influencers market (bloggers, vloggers, social media fanatics). With their new concept The Influencers Movement, also known as ‘TIM’, they have secured their place in the finals of the TEDxAmsterdam Women Startup Awards, which will take place on May 29th in the Okura Hotel. Their goal is to create an online marketplace where influencers and companies can collaborate in an honest and cost-efficient way. 

The influencers Movement is founded in order to help influencers and companies. Dorit and Myrthe have experienced that collaborations done by companies themselves or agencies take up an unnecessary amount of time and money. For example, influencers have to hand in an average of 40% of their income to PR- and media agencies. And since the influencers market is fairly new to a lot of companies, finding the most relevant influencers for your brand can take up a lot of time.

These are just a few examples of problems for which Myrthe and Dorit saw a clear solution; a platform where an online marketplace is offered for both companies and influencers, in order to organize and establish collaborations from A-Z. TIM does all the work there is needed, from making the right matches till payments and statistics of collaborations. 

Part of the TEDx startup awards is a Kickstarter campaign, which will end at may 19th. The Influencers Movement has joined forces with (inter)national influencers with the hashtag #JOINTIM. Influencers like social media expert Mike Alton, Aaron Lee and Charly Suter have already shown their support towards the idea of TIM. With the target amount of €10,000 the first version of the online marketplace can be build. With the help of influencers all over the world, the two women have literally started a movement.

pressTeam TIM