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Find relevant matches

Discover our marketplace and gain access to 3000+ influencers that align with your core brand values.

Manage your influencer network

Say goodbye to Excel sheets! Your favorite creators, whether TIM member or not, are easily organized to manage groups per campaign.

Get results and valuable insights

As marketing tactics evolve, so does our platform. For every campaign, track engagement and audience breakdown to measure each influencers' performance.

Profit from our expertise

Understand the ins and outs of a successful influencer marketing campaign to grow your expertise as a marketeer.


begin your campaign and discover influencers that match your brand story

create an account

Speak to one of our team members for a quick set up in order to get access to our network of 3000+ creators.

publish your campaign

Share your campaign on our online marketplace.

receive your pitches

Creators will then pitch their unique ideas for your brand or product campaign.

select your influencers

Rate and choose the influencer(s) that fit best with your campaign's vision.

receive your content

Before the set publication date you will receive the content from each influencer to approve. After, the content will be published.
Get in touch with one of our experts to get to understand the tool in-depth.


build an overview of your influencer network and organise them efficiently

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build an overview of your influencer network and organise them efficiently

real-time tracking


get real-time campaign insights
with detailed visual and statistical reports

profile report


download profile report
standard info on profiles*
Instagram and Facebook: Username | Bio | Followers | Engagement rate | Last post(s)
Blog: Unique visitors per month | Last post(s)
YouTube: Subscribers | Engagement rate | Last video's
Twitter: Followers | Last tweet(s)

Your notes: Categories | Budget | Motivation | Score
demographic request on demand (€8,- per influencer)
Extra info on Instagram: follower's demographics (age, language, interests, gender, location) and influencer's fake followers metric
* Any influencer can be included. They don't have to be signed up on TIM and won't be contacted. Would you like to add custom made formulas? Ask TIM!

campaign report

after campaign

download campaign report
standard info on campaign posts*
Instagram and Facebook: Username | Bio | Followers | Engagement rate |Reach or views | Likes |Comments | Shares (FB only) | CPM
Blog: Unique visitors per month | Post views | Comments | CPM
YouTube: Subscribers | Engagement rate | Views | Likes | Average View Duration (AVD) | CPM
Twitter: Followers | Likes | Replies | Retweets | CPM

Your notes: Categories | Budget | Motivation | Score
* Non-public data will be collected in collaboration with the influencers. They need to be signed up on TIM. Would you like to add custom made formulas? Ask TIM!