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How do I brief the influencers?

When you confirm your favorites, the influencers get notified by us about the selection. After confirmation you should brief the influencers. You get a briefing template from us and you just fill in the specific information for every influencer. You can find the briefing here. Our campaign manager will give you access.

General info in the template that comes back in every briefing (tip: fill in and copy that document): your name, link to the campaign, content review date, publication date and invoice address.

Then, you generate a personal briefing for every influencer with the agreed compensation and the amount of posts. You can send the briefing to the influencers from Google Drive, but you can also send a PDF through email. It’s important that all briefings are in the Google Drive folder, so that we have a clear overview of all the agreements. After you’ve created all the briefings, send it to the influencers as soon as possible.