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How do I create a marketeer account?

1. Activate your profile

Are you interested in the services of TIM? Request an intake with one of our accountmanagers here. They can advise you about which plan works best for your brand or company. Based on the intake, we decide if TIM is an fitting platform for you, whereafter you will be admitted. After the intake you will receive an e-mail with an activation link.

Have a look around our marketplace with our test-account, where you can always come back to peek at other campaigns. This way you will get a great understanding of our campaigns and system.

Log in with the following e-mail and password:

E-mail: dorit+2017@theinfluencersmovement.com

Password: wachtwoord

Note: Currently, you can only add one e-mailaddress to your account. Do you work with multiple people on the same campaign within your company? Then log in with the same e-mailaddress.

2. Complete your profile

After logging in, click on your avatar in the right corner to complete your profile. Select ‘Profile’ to upload a personal photo or the logo of your company. Don’t forget to completely fill in your profile data, since this will be visible for influencers.