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How do I write a successful campaign concept?

Tips for the realization of your campaign

1. Trade places with your audience

Try to put yourself in your audiences’ shoes as much as possible, and translate your findings into attention-grabbing campaigns. With which content could you appeal to them the best? On which social media channels are they the most active?

Here are a few examples with ideas for the realization of your campaign:

* Attend event X and share your experiences on Instagram Story.

* Share your photo of moment X with a hashtag on Instagram.

* Write a blogpost in which you include X, and share this in Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

* Make a blog in which you include theme X.

2. Formulate your message

The better you translate your brands’ message to campaign text, the better the influencer can transfer this to his or her audience. How else can they communicate that message to their own following?

3. Decide on a call-to-action

What do you want to achieve with the content that your influencers are going to publish? Do you want more followers on social media? Do you want people to visit your website? Or do you want customers to buy your product? Try to combine that goal with a clear condition, and clearly communicate this with your influencer.

Examples of these conditions are:

* Tag @theinfluencersmovement in your Instagram-post and use the hashtag #joinTIM.

* Use the URL www.jointim.io in your blogpost with the text ‘the influencers platform’.

* Share a personalized code which gives your followers 20% discount on their purchase.

* Divide 3 products under followers.

TIP: No one speaks the language of your target audience as fluently as your influencers. Trust that they know best which content is most appealing. Give them the freedom to decide how they want to transfer your message.